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Butaan Project camera trap archive
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Varanus Species A-Z
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Item Title
Varanus auffenbergi
Varanus yemenensis
Varanus varius
Varanus tristis
Varanus timorensis
Varanus telenestes
Varanus storri
Varanus spenceri
Varanus similis
Varanus semiremex
Varanus scalaris
Varanus salvator
Varanus salvadorii
Varanus rudicollis
Varanus rosenbergi
Varanus primordius
Varanus prasinus
Varanus pilbarensis
Varanus gouldii
Varanus olivaceus
Varanus niloticus
Varanus mitchelli
Varanus mertensi
Varanus komodoensis
Varanus kingorum
Varanus keithhorni
Varanus jobiensis
Varanus indicus
Varanus griseus
Varanus flavirufus
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The Butaan Project
Videos from the Butaan Project
butanvideo1.jpgA small collection of videos made by the Butaan Project. It took us three years to get the first moving images of wild butaan. Some recordings are made using camcorders tied to trees and triggered by passive infrared monitors, others are made by volunteers from camouflaged hides.


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